Sailfish-weather broken

Sailfish-weather broken. Maybe due to Foreca?


“Works on my machine” :slight_smile:


Please have a look at comments in Harbour: it’s not only me.

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Works for me (Jolla phone, 3.4.0), so perhaps Foreca is having some technical problems.

I can confirm that Foreca has stopped working on my Intex Aqua Fish (OS v. since yesterday. To estimate the number of affected, I suggest that my post will be “liked” only by those who experience the same issue.


Confirming the same, no more weather forecast on the notification screen.

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I still have forecasts on the notification screen but those are probably cached. Opening the app and refreshing does not work. Wasn’t there a patch to put meecast on the notification screen once?

works for me (SailfishOS @ Xperia X)

OK, I’m happy about all those for whom Foreca still works. What we, users who suddenly lost a functionality without changing any settings, would appreciate is an informative suggestion on how to properly test what went wrong. Maybe a log from Foreca could help, or pinging its server from a terminal could be the first step?

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Weather works, again, with the upcoming OS release. It should become available before mid-Feb (this is the plan, not a promise).


EA is comming sooooooon :wink:

Do you mean (a) users must upgrade to the next OS release to have sailfish-weather fixed, or (b) a sailfish-weather update will be released at the same time as next OS?

I bet this means that next OS release includes a fix. This means you (we) will need to upgrade. I’m also not too happy with these news because I’ve never bothered myself to “Jollify” my Intex Aqua Fish, so I can’t get an update beyond v.

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Sailfish Weather is working at 99% as usual, there are problems within the app but in general it works pretty much as expected for me.

Minimum temp still needs to be fixed on the main page, as it currently shows ‘0’, this has been reported already.

Sadly, as I am still using Jolla1, I won’t be seeing any more OS updates, but I wonder if I will still be able to update some Jolla apps, like Weather…?, I think so, as I recall reading in the Jolla Blog that access to Jolla Store will be allowed for a limited time for Jolla1 users, but eventually, the ‘plug’ will be pulled…damn!, guess I better look for another device (urghh, Sony)

I don’t think they’ll prevent Jolla 1 from accessing the Store unless the Store itself is moved to a different location or support for armv7 devices is completely dropped and all armv7 related files are removed. The latter is the most likely to happen at some point, but e.g. the Jolla C is armv7 and is still supported.

Doesn’t seem to be working on my XperiaX running

There is a value on the lock screen for current temperature, but I have no way to know if this is an updated or cached value