Sailfish VPN PPTP not working

Has anyone manage to get the sailfish VPN to work. I am trying to use openvpnbook using the PPTP credentials and cannot connect to any of the servers. Think its an issue with the sailfish software as I could not get OpenVPN to work or SailfishVPN to work.

no problems here. But I do not know about openvpnbook. You need old legacy files for OpenVPN to work. For PPTP be sure to check “Stateful MPPE” and the authentification for it.
May I ask why you would like to use vpnbook? Other than living in a country with restricted internet access, there is absolutely no need for it, it will not stop websites tracking you and you really, really need to trust vpnbook as they see all your traffic, everything you do. PPTP isn’t even encrypted. All it does is changing your IP for a high price of privacy.
As such, they use an ad-based revenue model for bearing the expenses. Therefore, you can forget about being truly anonymous with the VPN. In addition, what is to say the provider does not sell your logging information to third-party services for money?
VPNBook does indeed store logging information. Just like all other providers, they try fooling users. When in reality, they do store IP addresses and timestamps.

what would you suggest instead of openbook.

Mainly I do not understand why you’d like to use a third party vpn provider.

I recommend:

  • the VPN server you set up at home.on a router with.strict firewall rules, tracking- and.adblockers. So you can take advantage of your security wall while.on the go.
  • the vpn to your companny for working remotely.
    this is what vpn is made for.

and here comes what it is not made for:
It is definately NOT recommended using those fraud companies selling vpn as a security feature. It is NOT. You trust them all your traffic, they may sell all your traffic, they log (they have to legally, no matter what they say). They just want your money and your data, nothing else. Pure fraud.
For everything it does is changing your IP. Go to "AmIUnique’ and see that a third party vpn carrier does exactly nothing for privacy.
What are your intentions in using a VPN hoster?

really just for outwith the home in cafe’s using their broadband when a phone signals data is too slow.

Hi Hangar17, no need to defend your needs off course. To get back to ot: Have you tried different openVPN files, TCP with 128bit encryption? Restart the wireless services under settings/info. Use MMPE. Just try around a bit, I am sure it will work eventually.

Thanks. Managed to get it working using as you said trying different settings.