Sailfish User Feedback

With the newest update, users still cannot bluetooth mp3s. Like on Sailfish III, VPNs still don’t work on my device…or perhaps I don’t know how to configure them. Would it be possible for Jolla to accept payments in Bitcoin? PayPal wants to know everything about its user and I like anonymity. I ask because my Travelex Money Card no longer works in my region all thanks to the COVID 19 scamdemic/lockdown.

what do you mean with “users still cannot bluetooth mp3s”?

I am using a Bose Soundsport bluetooth headset, and it works perfectly - heck, SFOS even now supports clicking on the middle buttton (pause/next/previous track)

I meant that users still cannot bluetooth mp3 files between phones and other devices.

you mean tranfering files?

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Yes, I meant transferring mp3s via Bluetooth. I thought it would have possible prior to Sailfish Four, but I was wrong.

Take a look here

I see this as a bug but some may only see it following some specification…