Sailfish Update 3.4 on XA2 - trouble with Android apps

Sailfish is giving me so many headaches that one day i will give up

Xa2 with 3.4 update

All went well and used pkcon refresh and update

Some Android apps got an update

The ones it did open but stay a blank screen

Others open well

Tried to uninstall Android support and reinstall with no success

Any idea?


it may be that you have installed something that conflicts with the system. Getting OS updates should preferrably be triggered from “Settings > Sailfish OS updates” (instead of the command line) as the UI has the necessary checks for all phases.

This may not be a popular advice but if you flash to your device and install Android App Support from Jolla Store + some Android apps, they do work, most of them.

The question is that i managed to install google services and most apps work including store and fresh installed Instgram for example. If i try to download chrome the same way it installs but does not run. This also happens with other fresh installed apps

You do not need Google services to install and use Instagram. Also Chrome should mostly work, not sure though, but there are alternative browsers like Firefox and Opera which work fine.

There are a number of Android apps that refuse to work without Google services although the majority work ok.

Installing Google services is complicated. That can cause those conflicts I referred to.