Sailfish Secrets clear data of some application

Is there way to clear some data from secrets?
I want to get rid of data set by some application.

I just fought a bug in Sailtrix and somebody pointed me that they have this guide in Error during login: Cannot create secret collection (#26) · Issues · Sailtrix / Sailtrix · GitLab
The .db files have the name of the secret if I understand correctly.

(btw, if you have a Sailtrix issue, maybe try Always construct account (!34) · Merge requests · Sailtrix / Sailtrix · GitLab


Yes problem was with Sailtrix.

So, did you remove the secrets?
If you did NOT, do you need a build to test without removing (the above PR)

I removed secrets. Will that PR fix issue when bearer token is invalid (device deleted from server.) You can’t logout from sailtrix because of crash.

We’ll never know:))

Actually, you may have given me new info.
All I knew was that Sailtrix did not start for me because it crashed.
You’re saying I can reproduce this by removing Sailtrix from the allowed clients? Like “Sign out of x selected device” from element?

Same thing happened with my app, posted a solution as well: BitSailor | — Community Repository System

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I could not reproduce it, now it gives authentication error and I can continut to logout.
Maybe main reason is some thing else. At least clearing secrets solves problem.

Thanks for the follow up.
Yeah, I don’t remember what I could’ve done when reaching that state.

In my case it was not even updated OS version, as happened to @Rikudou_Sennin (btw nice sleuthing!), as I don’t yet have 4.5 on my xiaomi. Maybe that was your case though, @vesa.s ?

I’m also still on 4.4 on my XA2. Something had hapened on older version of Sailtrix as the problem was before I updated latest version of Sailtrix.

But it would be nice to have tool to remove secrets data.