Sailfish SDK not work

Can’t create app due to errors of QML lib or something like that.

not critical, but strange - app icon not displayed


Any guesses?

That “Could not resolve…” text in the editor is not fatal, although it can be annoying.

The “Configuration is faulty” on the other hand is. At this point I can really only recommend reinstalling the SDK. Or, if you are in a hurry to get your app built, you could try building from command line using sfdk build - quite often it works even when Qt Creator thinks the configuration is broken. And finally, somewhere between those there is also the option of adding another target, e.g. the early access target, using SDKMaintenanceTool.

And I agree, the app icon thing is strange. Judging from the icon on your screenshot, I take it you are on Windows?

now deploy works, seems like it failed due to wrong workspace folder at settings.

it became normal after changing to other and back. not on the first try.

I was not sure if they were causing the compilation error.
Is it possible to fix it?