Sailfish SDK installation of extra packages

I wonder how I can install packages in the SDK. I do not mean the command for installing, but the sources. For example

[mersdk@SailfishSDK build2]$ mb2 -t SailfishOS- -s ../rpm/buteo-sync-plugins-qt5.spec  build -j4 -d ..
No provider of 'pkgconfig(KF5CalendarCore)' found.
Building target platforms: armv7hl-meego-linux
Building for target armv7hl-meego-linux
error: Failed build dependencies:
        pkgconfig(KF5CalendarCore) is needed by buteo-sync-plugins-qt5-0.8.29-1.armv7hl

[mersdk@SailfishSDK build2]$ sb2 -t   SailfishOS- -m sdk-install -R zypper search Calendar
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name                                     | Summary                                                    | Type
  | jolla-calendar                           | Jolla Calendar Application                                 | package
  | jolla-calendar-all-translations          | Metapackage for all jolla-calendar translations            | package
  | jolla-calendar-all-translations-pack     | Collection of all jolla-calendar translations              | package
  | nemo-qml-plugin-calendar-qt5             | Calendar plugin for Nemo Mobile                            | package
  | nemo-qml-plugin-calendar-qt5             | Calendar plugin for Nemo Mobile                            | srcpackage
  | nemo-qml-plugin-calendar-qt5-debuginfo   | Debug information for package nemo-qml-plugin-calendar-qt5 | package
  | nemo-qml-plugin-calendar-qt5-debugsource | Debug sources for package nemo-qml-plugin-calendar-qt5     | package
  | nemo-qml-plugin-calendar-qt5-lightweight | Calendar lightweight QML plugin                            | package
  | nemo-qml-plugin-calendar-qt5-tests       | QML calendar plugin tests                                  | package
  | nemo-qml-plugin-calendar-qt5-tools       | Calendar import/export tool                                | package
  | sailfish-components-calendar-qt5         | QML components to display calendar events                  | package
  | sociald-facebook-calendars               | Provides calendar synchronisation with Facebook            | package
  | sociald-google-calendars                 | Provides calendar synchronisation with Google              | package
  | sociald-vk-calendars                     | Provides calendar synchronisation with VK                  | package

Where do I find the package and how to install it?

The sources seem to live here IIUC this package is new in (the upcoming) SFOS 4.1.0, so it is not available from package repositories yet. You need to build it yourself or use an older version of buteo-sync-plugins-qt5 without this dependency (I didn’t checker whether this is possible).

If you use mb2 with the --output-prefix option, it will search the output dir for build time dependencies - this way you can get the manually built package installed in the build target automatically.

Also consider switching from chroot+mb2 to the Docker-based SDK+sfdk for more convenient usage and equal build performance. output-prefix is the corresponding sfdk’s configuration option.


Thank you for confirming what I suspected. It seems for I do not have the package.

I also read about Docker based SDK, but I do not have the time to read and do all the stuff.

For now I will stick to the with an older version of the plugins.


I retrieve the solution tag, as the current SDK is
The package does not compile here and I have no idea how to add the 4.1 as a target.

Sailfish OS 4.1.0 is the upcoming release. Build targets for a release are published at the time the release is done. (Note that there is also the Early Access Build targets option.)

Until that happens, you have two options:

  1. Stick with an older version of the plugins (as you originally decided)
  2. Build the new version of the plugins and all its dependencies that are not recent enough in the latest release (here the --output-prefix comes handy).

Hi, what I wanted to make clear is that it is not possible to build the package in the current releases.

It all depends on the definition of what “the package” and “the current releases” mean. You would have to be more concrete to really make it clear. :slight_smile:

If I correctly read your message as “it is not possible to build the latest Git revision of the buteo-sync-plugins-qt5 package using the latest ( targets” than there is no surprise about it and (only) the two options I offered before apply here.

Did you mean something else?

You are right. Unfortunately the SDK does not provide the devel package.

I opened an issue in gitlab and Damien helped me out.