Sailfish OS version for Volla Phone


Maybe somebody is able to inform which version of sailfish is convenient with Volla Phone. First step I would like to substitute the UT version (no sufficient application for sync themes) with Sailfish. If Sailfish works pay the full version and like to be happy…

Hi @iskenbach, welcome to the forum!

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there is a community port done by @piggz - it’s on SFOS 3.4 though.
And Volla phone is not an official device so you won’t have Sailfish X on it (so no Android support, MS Exchange, Predictive typing).

From what I heard the port runs well though on the Volla phone :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!!!
How to find the guys to figure out the interesting, I estimate much more convenient solution with sailfish. Ubuntu is really poor in nthese simple request for syncing with something.

Please give a hint.

I am not using a Volla phone myself - try search this forum, e.g. Volla Phone and SFOS for more details :slight_smile:

Thank you!! I WILL try there!