Sailfish OS Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro

An older version of Sailfish OS was available for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro,
but this version was published around 2015 and I can’t find an active download link.

Here is an article that shows Sailfish OS on this phone:

Has where can I get it?

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Developer “mal” has posted upon Fairphone forum that “having issues with the 3rd party server I have used for hosting the images” ( If you were to ask him nicely he might well send you a temporary link by personal message, if there is no conflict of interest now that he works for Jolla

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Forget it. I tried the image on an old Sony a while ago. It is more of a study than useful. With this old version, it was not possible to install the Jolla Store. The HW keyboard only worked in qwerty mode and only on the first level and none of the special keys could be used (all blue keys and numbers didn’t work).

It’s wasted time.

Edit: Same with Xperia mini Pro. Tried on both.