Sailfish OS SDK setup question

I’m trying to set up the Sailfish OS SDK in a version of Ubuntu (Pop! OS -> Ubuntu 20.10 “Groovy”) on a mini PC. The SDK .run is downloaded and I tried to run it. I received a pop up message:


"Cannot find missing dependency “org.merproject.mersdkdocker” for “org.merproject.mersdk”.

I found this link:


I am not sure if it will help, but which one of these files do you think I need if this is what I do need to solve the dependency issue? I’ve done a little programming and would like to try it on Sailfish OS as time allows. I’m still new to Linux.


This is likely because you are missing OpenSSL libraries v1.0 - please check

I updated the OpenSSL libraries and installed VirtualBox. The SDK is loaded and working fine. Thanks for the advice.

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