Sailfish OS running on Devices with keyboard

Hello gents,

I been seen online a few devices that have keyboard incorporated that are running Sailfish OS.
I know officially there aren’t any SFOS devices with keyboard.
But still they are ports/builds.
I am curious to jump on these devices reminds me of the N900. If anyone can give me any hints on what devices with keyboard can be installed the latest SFOS and how the experiment has been?


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There is an official Sailfish X port to the Gemini PDA, and the community port to Fxtec Pro1 sounds pretty mature.

So if I understand the Gemini PDA is official with support…

Fxtec Pro1 ? its just a “custom” port made to be able to run on the device.

I will give it a try! Thank You for the reply attah.
looks promising, I hope it gets supported.

I’ve been using the Fxtec Pro1 with Sailfish OS as my daily driver for a couple of weeks. It’s a good port.

aerique you mean as your main device ? Sailfish X running all native apps ?
Well today I checked the price of the device and it is about 575Euros/700USD.
I read that it is possible to use multiple OS and even a dualboot ? is this true with sailfish/android ? that the only thing that it old me to order.


Yes, main device but not all native apps. I’m also using mobile websites for stuff I had a native app for (for example Twitter).

Besides that I recently got into app dev so I’ve been scratching my own itches with regards to missing apps. (Of which only one has been release worthy.)

I was lucky enough to be able to buy a Pro1 third- or fourth-hand from a fellow forum member. I would never pay that much for a phone. Especially one for which it is hard to find protection for.

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I know officially there aren’t any SFOS devices with keyboard.

with integrated keyboards.

But Sailfish has natively supported peripheral keyboards: bluetooth keyboards since the Jolla 1 days, and USB keyboard since phones that support USB OTG (Sony Xperia X for sure, I’m not sure about the previous models).

(Though somebody forgot to turn the BT HID drivers in the first Sailfish X release for Sony XA2 so you had to be patient until the next release to use bluetoth keyboards).

So you could also get your keyboard needs by simply combining any current supported keyboard-less Sailfish OS device with an after marker keyboard of your liking. (I am still using an old W-shaped Bluetooth Thinkoutside Stowaway from my PalmOS days).

I havent played a lot with an external keyboard but my limited experience wasn’t great. Quite a few things were missing.