SailFish OS pre-installed on Indian Mobile

Can anyone guide me? Is there any Smartphone available with pre-installed SailFish Os in INDIAN Market?

Any help will be appreciated

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Not anymore, but you could look for second hand Intex Aquafish devices. But as far as i know there is no Sailfish 3 and 4 for them. Unless there would be a group who ported the releases to this devices :slight_smile:


You will find it in one of the stores: Intex Aqua Fish Best Price in India 2021, Specs & Review | Smartprix :wink:

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There are instructions on TJC somewhere that let you ‘convert’ an Aqua Fish to a ‘Jolla C’, which lets you install all of the latest updates.

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Thanks for the help.
I m new to this installation process. If possible, can you guide or send me links for that.
There should be download button on home page like other OS do.
Thank in advance.

Can you tell me what is TJC ?

It is unavailable and it is with very low specifications.

As no phones are available and Sony stopped selling phones in India. I sourced Xperia XA2 from US through my friend and installed Sailfish X(which needs to be separately purchased) in it.

I found the instructions:

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