Sailfish OS no longer available in Switzerland?

I just noticed that when I try to visit the SailFish OS Store, that I get a message saying:

Sorry, not available in your country

Since when is this in place? And why? I purchased SFOS a few years ago already, and seems it is no longer available here ?

EDIT: False Alarm! It works (shared internet connection must be going through a VPN).

Where did you see this message? On

Yes, the screen only shows the Jolla logo and the text “Sorry, not available in your country”

Strange, it looks normal on my side. By the way, it’s still officially available in Switzerland:

Sailfish X is currently available in the countries of the European Union, UK, Norway and Switzerland ("Authorized Countries") […]

Is a VPN or Proxy enabled on your side? It may be worth checking your IP address.

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I just testing it on my mobile using data and it works.

My PC is plugged directly into my local ISP (it is a shared connection in the block of flats), so maybe somehow they are doing something with VPNs to watch movies in another country or something…

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