Sailfish OS is very slow most of time - no problem on LineageOS / stock Android 9

Hello Sailfish OS lovers

I’m coming with an unusal problem with my Xperia XA2.
I bought it especially for Sailfish X. I bought license and flashed Sailfish into my XA2.

At first, I thought it doesn’t have any problems and I was happy. But soon, I saw a very, very annoying problem. I will try to describe it shortly.

About 9 / 10 boot-ups of my XA2 running SFOS:

  • I press power button
  • It boots up and asks me for code
  • I type it and problems start.

It goes to lockscreen, I unlock screen - and first. I need to wait about 3 minutes for the wheel stopped spinning. After that, the phone is MEGA slow and just impossible to use! It starts to behave normalyy after ~1 hour, but then - it’s again VERY slow! So, in overall, my XA2 is almost useless, as it’s not possible to use it normally.

I was sure it is problem with my device. But I flashed stock Android 9, was using it for two weeks - no problems at all. Then with Lineage OS 18.1 (Android 11) - no problems at all!
P.S. I was reflashing Sailfish OS 5 times, was using 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5 - at every version, the same problem.

What’s going on?

If I didn’t buy a paid, and not-very-cheap license - I probably wouldn’t write topic here but give up using this OS… But I bought the paid Sailfish X license, and I think the OS should work without any problems. But it doesn’t…

I am waiting for reply and help.

Thanks in advance, greetings -
Wunder Wungiel

This is odd, indeed.
I would reflash Android with Emma, download SFOS again, take care of putting the drivers in the correct directory (as you probably did already) and reflash SFOS once more.
If the problem persist, you can also contact the Jolla customer support (Zendesk) , as you have a paid version.
Good luck

I’d also double check that you’re using correct vendor binaries and up-to-date versions for everything related to flashing Sailfish OS on XA2. Those issues you described sound pretty much that there’s probably something wrong in the low level rather than with the SailfishOS itself.

Also, if just possible journal logs might help as well.

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I am 100% sure I used correct SFOS version(s) (downloaded many times from different browsers).
I was reflashing Android 8/9 with Emma many times too.
Vendor binaries too.

I will do that, thanks.

It happens to my XA2 when battery is low and battery saving mode has been activated automaticaly. When I plug the charger it displays that battery saving is off but in fact it is still enabled. I have to go to settings enable then disable battery saving mode to return to a normal state.


On my Xperia 10 SFOS give it much more life then Android. While testing Android when it reached like 10% of battery it started acting veeeery slowwy. I’m waiting to re-flash SFOS and give a big adieu to Andrews OS

Does Sailfish enable battery saving mode itself? I don’t use it at all, I’m not sure if I have ever enabled it myself.

It can if you set it to do so. Settings->Battery

My Device (XA2 Ultra) gets very slow at 10% charging, independent of the activation of battery saving mode.But if the charging is restored, speed also returns without further action. The switch for the battery saving mode appears to do nothing at all.