Sailfish OS Emulator

Just installed the latest ea sdk. The emulator starts terribly slow - took several minutes yesterday (Fedora 34, Virtualbox 6.1.22 on AMD A10 APU). Now the emulator does not seem to start at all. Yesterday I got several errors about rcu_preempt to emulator console but it did start. Any advice?

Build engine works fine.

It doesn’t seem to ‘connect’ in SDK 3.5, 4.1
The sdk starts the vm correctly, but it never connects… I’m making a bug report…

Not sure to understand correctly what you mean with connect, but on my side I didn’t notice any dysfunction using VirtualBox.

The SDK starts the virtualbox image, which runs fine. You can interact with it. But the SDK sits there with a ‘Connecting to…’ window getting no where. It never connects.