Sailfish OS Signal Messenger voice message is consumed and sounds robotic

same here with facebooks messenger since update to yesterday

Update: Just replaced v16 with v17B Sony vendor image and tested android voice recording in messengers. This bug unfortunately remains.

Luckily I havent update to Koli yet, and this isuue is not gonna help me to give it a try to the download. Cause I use kind of like a lot the audio message in Signal app. Hope I could do that is whisperfish really soon. Please , if someone there could fix this problem will be a great help. thanks

i can confirm for all android apps i am using (threema, signal, android autio recorder)

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I can confirm this! XA2 with threema 4.5

must be a general Adroid App issue…

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I can confirm it too in my Xa2 with

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Seems that none cares about this issue??!!

I also get robotic sound on video calls on both Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger - just gave up trying to talk to my daughter. Obviously both Android apps - on SF on XA2.

The same for me, on XA2 plus dual-sim, SFOS
Haven’t used voice messages in Signal before, so I can’t confirm if it’s a regression.

The voice sounds like it’s slowed down a bit and chirpy, it seems to be a sample/bit rate mismatch between SFOS audio codec and Android codec.

I really care about this issue :frowning: I love voice messages on Signal, use it all the time. Now I have to use the desktop app and send little 5 minutes ones.

Pain the hole. Kill this bug plz Jolla :smiley:

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I have now flashed to Sailfish OS 3.4 again.
Better if we wait for a fix.
Please fix Jolla.

Since I’ve updated to Koli, I have the same problem, I use Threema. Xperia 10

where have u got from the 3.4?

I still had the Jolla 3.4 image on my computer to flash. I always flash from scratch when a version is released.

I still had the picture from the Jolla Store when version 3.4 was released.

Thanks I dont need it anymore.

I would like to know if this bug will be fixed in the near future. Is there a developer reading this who can give me an answer or somebody else knows something about it?
For me this issue is high priority and I hope it will be fixed soon. But in case it won’t I will look for another way, either downgrading or looking for another system. For me and my contacts it’s important to be able to send voice messages via Threema.

Hi Sailfishers,

so the problem is indeed not related to the Conversations app, see here


Updated to (Kvarken) yesterday and tested threema audio message again: It seems to be fixed with this version.
Can anyone confirm this, especially for other andoid apps?

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Works beautifully again, for Signal at least, so nice! (after upgrading to on XA 2)