SailFish OS 3.0 Nexus 5

I installed OS 3.x Nexus 5 , and OS 2.x
but not able to install either Storeman or Puremaps no matter what i tried

My question is that is installing is locked until i purchase SFOS ? is it device dependent i mean i spent almost 5 hours struggling to install a simple app , whats missing here Can some one please advise ?

i tried installing via terminal ( putty ) by used RPM no success every time i get different errors
i tried downloaded rpm from Storeman and when i tried to run the RPM it sayd a problem occurred

Please guide me is sail fish un usable on Nexus 5 ? is it a trial version do i need to pay to get these things installed and working ? no information is available any where on the internet so i am posting here

so far my experience went horribly terrible.

In case of Pure Maps, it is limited to newer SFOS releases due to the availability of newer gcc compiler in them. As a result, I could drop a hacked together version of gcc that was used earlier. So, it is expected that you cannot install the latest versions of Pure Maps.

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There is no trial version or paid license for your device.

You are using a community port of a quite old Sailfish OS version. Jolla does not sell licenses for community ports.

Like rinigus already mentioned, the old SfOS version is most likely your issue. There have been quite a few updates to the system libraries, so apps built for the current SfOS 4.1 most certainly won’t run on 3.0.

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@sigurg Thanks a lot that clarifies all my doubts , one more thing can you please let me know which phone is best to buy to try the SFOS ? with full functionality ?

I have explored , that Xperia X , X10 ii , XA2 are the ones is there any cheapy phone which can be used ?


I only have first hand experience with XA2, so I can’t really make any recommendations on which device to get…

However, if you care about Android app support, don’t get the Xperia X (it still has the old compat layer, which only emulated Android 4.4) and the X10ii is the first 64bit device out of the bunch, so there may still be some teething problems that may be resolved in future updates…

In any case, I would recommend you have a look at the “Known Issues” section of the release notes: