Sailfish oneplus 5

good, I have installed sailfish on the oneplus 5 version and I have updated via terminal to and it does not work. could you help me?

Well - I think a couple of us would be willing and able to help if you could be a little bit (ok, granted, a lot) more specific. What do you mean by ‘it does not work’? does it turn on/off? are you able to get a GUI? Did the upgrade process at least appear to succeed? can you get to a command line? If so, can you provide some logs? can you get into recovery mode? etc. etc…

when installing the update through sfos-upgrade to the mobile phone restarts and the screen stays black and does not pass from that state. I do not know if you have to update some repositories as the version I installed ( I downloaded it from this page Pipelines · sailfishos-porters-ci / cheeseburger-ci · GitLab

Have you tried booting into recovery mode and/or reflashing? I’m afraid that, if it hangs on boot, chances are you won’t be able to make it work again - I hope you have a working backup of any data on the phone.

Could be that since 3.4 many things have changed and that you need some new compiled device files for 4.x releases, like libhybris and so on.

The last release for this port was for SFOS 3.4. In the link below the porter mentions that he has managed to boot SFOS but that was over a year ago and there has not been any news since then so it is unclear what actually works.

XDA - Sailfish OS for OnePlus 5

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Really? I.e., during the package installation phase, before sfos-upgrade tells you to reboot manually? If really the case, that is quite interesting.


right now I have it with 3.4 I had to reinstall it again. there is no possibility to install 4.0 from here Releases · sailfishos-sony-tama/main · GitHub.

What does the Sony Tama releases have to do with Oneplus?

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I didn’t realize they were not for oneplus.apologies

again i am left without sailfish.a la version 3.0 can you put waydroid? it would be to update the browser for the rest that version is good enough for me