Sailfish on Gemini PDA - Experiences?

I am thinking of getting a Gemini PDA and flashing Sailfish on it in addition to SFOS on my hobby XA2. I’ve always had a hankering for something to replace my old Psion MX5 of years (decades!) ago and this could be the thing.

Is there anybody out there with experience or advice? Is it worth it? Does it work (well as good as SFOS ever works …)?

Or will I be wasting my tine and money. Advice please!

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I would say: it depends. :slight_smile:

I flashed mine, started it a few times. But as I definitely did/do not like the size of it (as a daily pocket knife) it now is kept in my drawer.
Furthermore another reason was the robustness of SFOS (not only on Gemini) is ‘we all know’ and the Debian is also only so-so.

But there are definitely other much better reviews and experiences - edit: for the FxTec Pro1. I know of one sushi member that uses it, on 3.4.0, and is happy.
Maybe take a look at FxTec forum.

As well as hobby device or as real daily driver!
So keep going…

oops, somehow mixed it up completely here :frowning:
when referencing to FxTec, which can be used as a daily driver
the Gemini is a nice toy

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It has only 3.18 kernel on every distribution available, there is debian and android 9… Waydroid is not running on stock kernel, may be there is a chance to compile one by yourself. On my opinion the gemini pda is electronic waste, designed to fail and abandoned as early as possible!

Irritatingly 5MP rear camera option only seems work using MiracuCam app, not being recognised by Sailfish Camera app and if dual-booting Sailfish & Android timing of pressing buttons when booting is so critical if you want to launch Android. Tend to find using only to collect Emails which is a waste.

Are you 100% sure the FxTec phone is a reliable solution ?!

When the phone was announced I have read a lot of info about it and the company behind it is not exactly the most reliable one just like their previous phones!

For example : A simple RMA case can take 2 months!
And you have to send it back to the U.K. from wherever you are in Europe!

That is just insane…

TLDR: better get a modern Xperia device than the Gemini.

I have one for about a year, which I initially bought to program and tweak on as it seems to me to be easier with a keyboard than the touchscreen.

The device is nice to tinker and try stuff on SFOS, but it’s too big/bulky to carry every day, and with no
Android app support can’t realistically be a main device (unless you have basic phone needs).
But at the end, I’m using it quite rarely, as the touch terminal on other SFOS devices is good enough for a few commands, and I’m on my computer for all programming stuff (so SSH to device).
The SFOS experience specifically is as SFOS gets on any of its supported devices, but some apps won’t rotate correctly. Other than that, it’s just plain old normal SFOS.

I would say, it’s better to have an Xperia 10 II over the Gemini (or the future III), and play with it. It’ll be more versatile, the license covers Android support, aarch64, and you can use it as an everyday smartphone when needed.

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Thanks to everyone for all the advice. The common theme seems to be ‘not worth it’, so I’ll give it a miss and stick with my XA2.
As for the X10 ii and iii, I doubt whether I’ll invest in Sailfish any further now until, for me, it becomes usable and reliable enough to be a daily driver. The SFOS XA2 will remain my fun hobby phone until then.

it is now kept in my drawer


Seriously, if you decide you want to get rid of it and recoup some money, let me know. I want one badly!


I would sell mine (germany)…

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My drawer(s) is very big and holds already lots of unused unnecessary gimmick devices.
One more or less …

But here is the collection shown.


On the plus side:

  • very good battery life
  • relatively large size makes it actually feasible for text input heavy tasks
  • much better ergonomy than a touch device’s keyboard


  • what the others mentioned
  • basically unusable as a phone, although with an external “Bluetooth Dialler” it can stay in the pocket. BUT bluetooth access to contacts is wonky, so most BT diallers are less useful than they could be.
  • no way to bring up the virtual keyboard (why???), that’s actually quite annoying, no easy access to other layouts, e.g. emoji or speech kbd, and no access to clipboard
  • wonky support for clipboard (esp. in the browser)
  • many shortcuts/hotkeys do not work
  • positioning of the light sensor makes the display go up and down in brightness while using the touch screen

I still find it surprisingly useful for writing/programming/everything CLI, but as others mentioned it’s not really a daily driver.


I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the WiFi only version of the Gemini and sailfish with the intent of moving my sim card to a dumb phone and using the Gemini as a small computer, WiFi only. Thoughts?


I’ve been using Gemini with Sailfish since it was delivered from IndieGogo. I wiped off the Android and put Sailfish on as the only OS and I’m just today doing the 4.4 update.

I absolutely adore it, it is the 4G enabled one, without a camera. I don’t use it as my primary phone, I have another phone for that. But I use it for its USP, the keyboard. It goes with me everywhere and I use it for writing. Many tens of thousands of words have been recorded through its keyboard. There is nothing else like it available. Even the new Planet devices that have come out since the Gemini cannot do the same role, as only Gemini is supported for Sailfish. It’s heaven to be free of Android.

Oh, should I mention - I can use a linux shell, code using python on it, and ssh into cloud machines.
I think I would not have been so happy with it if it was Android, but with Sailfish it is one of my best tech purchases.


I use it similarly. I use it mainly in text mode, typing on the keyboard is great. As everyday, I use Xperia X with SFOS. Originally I wanted to use Gemini in dualboot Debian+SFOS, but Planet decided that such a combination is not allowed, separately it can only be Android or SFOS, the combination is always only with Android, so I gave up and I only have SFOS installed (now 4.4).
Since Planet did not offer a Slovak keyboard layout, I made it myself. That’s why I enjoy SFOS :).

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