Sailfish Default Web Browser Can't Handle Some Pop-Up Dialogs

OK, so spent a rainy Saturday morning here in the UK reflashing my phone (XA2) to SFOS as I undertook to @gabrielg to do. At least I didn’t have to go through all the bootloader unlocking process, this being the 3rd or 4th time the phone has been flashed with Sailfish. So, all I had was exactly what is in the Koli SF image - no other apps, no android apps, no accounts configured, nothing in the browser cache, etc … and I still have the same problem with the dialog boxes on the same sites. There is some variation - sometimes I can get a website that didn’t work to work by using Private Browsing, others I can get to work by repeatedly clicking on the main window and then the dialog, and then the main window, and then the dialog, others by clicking ‘Accept’ (or whatever the dialog box requires) maybe a dozen or more times. The only common-sense conclusion I can come to after all this effort is that there is a problem in the Sailfish browser in this respect in the way it handles dialog boxes (surely the only other alternative would be that I have a hardware problem on my phone - perhaps with the capacitive touch screen - but this hardly seems likely as everything else works OK and I am not the only person to experience this problem). The big disappointment for me is that, after configuring my dropbox account, for some reason Sailfish could not find the backup I’d made before reflashing so I had to recover everything manually :disappointed:

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