Sailfish Community News, 4th November, Berlin, Helsinki

Apologies for not getting this quite right in the write-up, and thanks for correcting it Richard!

Many thanks for highlighting the Podqast update Thigg, it’ll definitely get a mention.

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The difference is the mpris support (which will hopefully be allowed in the store soon), so it does not really make a huge difference

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot. I could use some good ideas for the ultra minimal audio features in tidings.

Replying ahead of flypig’s response

If you have good ideas for podqast, we’re happy to hear them :wink:

Tidings is already a lovely app. but if you’re in need of ideas… I’d love to see the audio features in tidings beefed up. Jump forwards/back 10s (or something like that) would be great, but best of all would be a download option :smiley:

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Support for chapter images would be nice :slight_smile:

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