Sailfish 4.4 T mobile network denied

Hi All,
I got network denied showing on cellular network on network searching on T mobile on Saifish 4.4 I don’t remember I had this problem on saiflish 4.3/4.2. I didn’t change my previous Data Access Point and MMS configurations. Any ideas to fix this. Thanks.

What makes you think it is not a change on the operator’s side?

I don’t think so, my old xpieria10 is still working. Is there any way to test? I tried the same configuration on 4.4 on Xperia 10ii, but it is not working. I guess it is just not a good OS to use in the US(not official on the jolla site anyway)

What makes you think so?
Denial can most definitely be device specific.
Have you asked your operator?

I don’t think you are helping other than asking me weird questions. I already said, Xperia 10, Xperia 10ii both worked on T-Mobile on 4.2/4.3 and Xperia 10ii upgraded to 4.4 and stops working. What makes you think it is not the OS problem?

You could flash the old image and find out. Or upgrade the 10.

The fact that it is mostly an issue between the operator man modem firmware.

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I have a couple of questions:

  1. version or
  2. Did you have ‘issues’ with the upgrade.

There are a number of other threads here where people had call/connectivity issues which sometimes had to do with incomplete updates:

Some solutions where a bit involved:

# Make sure repositories point to right version
devel-su ssu re
devel-su ssu rr adaptation-common
devel-su -p pkcon refresh
devel-su -p pkcon install ofono-ril-binder-plugin
# Reboot device
devel-su -p version --dup

Some used @olf 's sfos update


Thank you very much! I almost went out to buy an android phone because of this issue, “denied” message shows under “Select network automatically” for Sony 10 Xperia III, with Sailfish OS (fresh install, not an upgrade).

T-mobile US

I went through the commands on the phone, and a reboot, and then the SIM card showed up as active.

Previously I had to replace the SIM card, and I did this time, yet no avail.

This happened when I try the SIM card on different device.

Thank you

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