Sailfin - a Jellyfin client for Sailfish OS thread

The icon of Sailfin: a stylized Sailfin fish, which also happens to resemble a play icon, in a half-circle half-square shape Sailfin - a Jellyfin client for Sailfish OS

Jellyfin is a free multimedia server that puts you in control of your media. Stream to any device from your own server, with no strings attached. Your media, your server, your way.

Sailfin allows you to connect to your Jellyfin server and stream media of it to your Sailfish device!

This is still an alpha version. Code may be unstable, design may be suboptimal and features are missing!

Feel free to ask any questions, report bugs and suggest features in this thread!


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  • Available at
  • Not yet available in Harbour. I will try to release it over there once the application gets more stable and some of the fundamental functions are implemented and I have stopped creating a new release every other day. I don’t want to overload the QA team :slight_smile:
  • Source code available at GitHub

Bug reporting:

Please use one of the following methods if you want to report an bug:

Known issues

  • No video quality selection possible
  • Sailfin will verly likely force Jellyfin to transcode your video, as it only contains a hardcoded device profile for now.
  • The page transitions are a bit sluggish — probably since Sailfin loads and updates its UI while
    a page transition is in progress.

Planned features

I won’t guarantee anything, but this is the roadmap for the application I currently have in mind


  • Synchronize playback progress with the Jellyfin server Added in v0.3.0
  • Minor UI adjustments, like displaying errors better
  • Better video playback options (e.g. streaming quality, changing options while streaming)


  • Music playback
  • More advanced photo viewer (swiping through folders, etc)
  • More accurate device profile generation
  • Marking content as favourite or watched

One day

  • Remote controlling other sessions, like selecting content on your phone and playing it on your TV.

Unlikely ever implemented (by me)

My main motivation for this project is to fulfil my personal needs. Some of these features are unnecessary for my usage and since this is an unpaid, hobby project, I consider these features out of scope for this application:

  • Editing metadata — please do your fingers a favour and use a device with a proper keyboard :slight_smile:
  • Advanced music/video playback beyond what QtMultimedia offers.
    • Think of gapless playback, equalizers and so on. Please synchronize your music to your phone with Syncthing or similar and use a more advanced music player.
  • Full, two way media synchronisation.
  • Live television and DVR - I don’t have the proper hardware and a television subscription to test it out.

Nice could be.a replacement logitech media server aka squeeze / box / server

I noticed your app in Storeman some time ago not knowing what Jellyfin is and yesterday I found something more about Jellyfin by accident while surfing the web. Very nice to see a native app for that (and is also mentioned on the Jellyfin website… :wink:).
I would love to take a deeper look at this but didn’t get get the server part running yesterday.
But :+1:t4: thumbs up for native apps!

If you want to have a quick demo, you can connect to “”. Right now the credentials are “demo” as user and an empty password.

Oh, got it running now. I’m still to much Linux newbie and missed to install other things first. Now my Jellyserver is running… Nice thing, and it even works with books!
But now I’m curious for the further improvements of the sailfish app… :wink:

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Sailfin 0.3.0 has been released on OpenRepos! Changelog:

  • [Playback]: New: playback progress is reported to the Jellyfin server.
  • [Playback]: New: resume partly played items or start playing from the beginning if desired.
  • [UI] Added: if an image cannot be loaded, it will have a random background colour.
  • [Collections]: Added: allow specifying sort order (Ascending, Descending)
  • [General]: Improved: Added video fallback page to allow unknown video types to be played, although without extra metadata.
  • [General]: Improved: Added folder fallback, so unknown collection types are at least displayed without metadata.
  • [Icon] Improved: icon now looks more like a Sailfin fish

Known issues:

  • The RPM is larger than it should be, due to a library not getting stripped.
  • Sometimes changing the sort order breaks things

Thank you very much for this application. I have been using it intermittently the past few weeks. Most videos (in fact almost all) force my rather weak server to transcode the videos to a lower profile. This makes me choose a web browser, not the sailfish browser indeed :smile:, for play back of very high quality videos where it doesn’t force any transcoding. Positive to see the feature to select video quality is in your road-map which will hopefully mitigate forced server side transcoding.

Once again, great application. Thank you!


Right now I sort of have implemented DirectPlay, so it will try avoid transcoding on the server side if possible. It should arrive in the next release!

Note that if you select any subtitles, the server still will encode the subtitles into the video format, since Qt’s Media Player does not support subtitles.

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@ahappyhuman, I can give you credentials to my TVHeadend server if you want to test it out. DM if you’d like that.