Sailbook app and "New Facebook"

Now, putting aside the evilness of facebook for a moment.

I have been using the Sailbook app, and it’s been working fine for the past few years.

FB is now switching to the “New Facebook” design, presumably turning off the “Classic” design completely.

As Sailbook is AFAIK a wrapper around the mobile interface, can we expect this to cause problems for the Sailbook app?

I understand the original author, @DylanVanAssche (hi!) has left the SailfishOS fields, so we can’t reasonably expect them to care a lot.

Is someone up for the task of maintaining Sailbook in the future?


I left indeed the boat, but Sailbook still works for now. I also got the new UI on desktop, but in Sailbook I used some nasty tricks to trick Facebook that Sailbook runs on really old devices and requires the old UI. Not sure how long it will last though :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying!

That is good news for now.

Still I hope someone will step up as a maintainer for future issues.

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Well done, DylanVanAssch!

Is there a reason why predective text does not work in Sailbook? I have some problems editing text in general.

I really like the concept, though.

That’s for all QtWebkit apps in SFOS. Jolla is moving away from QtWebkit but I will put no work into this.

Ok. Then I know. As you say, it is not only in Sailbook. Thanks for letting me use Facebook in a more secure manner. Thank you!