Sailbook - 32bit package?

Sailbook has been unmaintained for quite some time, but - for someone willing to live with all the issues like frequent hangs and limited functionality - could still be used for a quick scan of the Facebook timeline. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a 32bit package anymore (some kind soul called aviarus did spend the effort to provide a 64bit package, though). As I am currently busy setting up an XA2, I’d like to install Sailbook despite its shortcomings. Does anyone happen to know whether the 32bit package can be found somewhere? Thanks in advance!

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THANK YOU! I had browsed the github-repository, but somehow failed to find the RPM… :blush:

Shameless Plug:

It’s got its own issues, but I made FratzenJail when SailBook started having problems.

You might want to try that as well, maybe it works for you.

My own de-facebooking project is going okay so I don’t use it often any more - but I will maintain it if someone makes a PR or so.

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Thank you - I sure will give it a spin! What’s the approach you’ve used, if I may ask?

It 's basically combining SailJail and Sailfish WebView, and a GUI.

The latter should make about as compatible as the Sailfish Browser with the web pages.

SailJail makes sure you are separated from other sites you use in the Browser (well, at least a little bit better than with just the browser).

The GUI allows to choose between the different FB web page variants (desktop, touch, basic). And as SailBook sometimes we play tricks with the UserAgent - thus I believe FratzenJail is the only mobile app that can access Messenger - albeit badly.

Nice! The separation issue is what I regard as most important (on the desktop, I even use a separate browser instance for FB) - there are several reasons why I want to use FB, but that doesn’t mean that I want to give the company more than I strictly have to… :grin:

Well, in theory Using Private Tabs all the time should have the same effect, but I also wanted the option of switching between the web site modes on the fly.

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