S-pankki app doesn't work with Vanha Rauma update

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There is an S-mobiili update dated 14.4.2022.

XA2 with microG: after about 10 failures (green screen, then crash) Lipstick crashed and S-mobiili started working (but I had to start jolla-clock from Terminal).

10 II with microG: same as before, rooted device page in browser.

Volla/GS290 with Waydroid: same as before, toimii kuin junan vessa (works perfectly).

The latest S-mobiili 2.15.0 installed from Aptoid seems to work again on my XA2 with SFOS and microG (not sure whether is required or not). Before installaton I removed the old non-working S-mobiili app.

Tested current status with a 10 III without microG: 2.16 from Aurora doesn’t work.

Unfortunately my reinstalled S-mobiili works only couple of days. Now I get only green blank screen again. Reinstallation to 2.15.0 or 2.16.0 did not work. Neither Android App support relaunch.

I was able to manage S-mobiili working on my XA2 again by following steps:

  1. Switch wifi on
  2. Launch S-mobiili. Green blank screen appears. Leave it backgroud
  3. Open Settings > Android support
  4. Stop and restart Android support
  5. Go back to S-mobiili and please be patient. The green screen stay about 15s before the S-mobiili to start up on my XA2.
    While S-mobiili was working with wifi I was able to switch back to mobile data. Restarting S-mobiili with mobile data cause S-mobiili authentication and pin setup.
    I have to do all five steps above every time after XA2 rebooted except the first step I am able to use mobile data due to extra authentication procedure.

Installed Vanha Rauma update. The S-mobiili app (version 2.16.0 is the latest I believe) is now working with my Sony Xperia 10 Dual SIM.

1 Like, 2.16.0, 10 III without microG, works.

I have the same setup. “Now working” means that it won’t get stuck in the ‘green screen’ for a while at start and then showing some info about rooted devices. A definite improvement.

What doesn’t work is logging in by the fingerprint and locating your own shop (Oma kauppa). At least the latter may be because I don’t have microG installed (and the error is “Error connecting to GoogleApiClient”).

I have tried to install microG using F-Droid, but end up with “not installed” errors while trying the install.

EDIT: And the setup is, 2.16.0, 10 II (not 10 III), without microG., S-mobiili 2.16.0 and Xperia 10 II Dual SIM works (without microG). Some parts of “Oma kauppa” don’t work "Edut ja vinkit and “Digitaaliset palvelut” and gives warning like in previous post by @jas. Aynway “Bonus ja hintaedut” and “Kuitit” still seem to work, just ignore the warning.

I got the S-pankki app working. I reinstalled sailfish android 12 with all updates to the latest version. S-pankki app now works on Sony Xperia 10 III.