Running waydroid prevents to restart reconnect mobile data

i do not file it as a bugreport yet.
but whati have here in a quite reproducible way:

i have phone with mobile connection
i have waydroid running using this connection
then i loose mobile data, due to elevator or something.
waydroid thinks it has mobile data
phone has not (email, fernschreiber, whisperfish do not have connection)
i can now restart network services from utilities: wont help
i can do airplane mode and back: wont help
untill i kill waydroid and then restart network services → suddenly restart helps, i have connection
then i can start waydroid and have connection there too.

does anybody the same issues and made the same observations ?

i have a volla phone, am on 4.5 i think and obviously am using waydroid

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Actually I observe the very same behaviour for android app support