Running SFOS app on Aurora OS easily!

Doncha know guys that some of SFOS apps running freely on Aurora OS with no recompiling but just with resigning it with Aurora OS certs? Yep it is. And I suppose some of Aurora OS apps may be running on SFOS the same ways. The app we trying for good:
QuasarMX, Modrana, OsmScout, OwnKeePass, Stellarium, Podcatcher, Encode, Movie Sailor, Meecast (with no deamon) and some moar.


I guess there are very few if any people in the community with access to an aurora os device. It also is unclear to me how to access apps for aurora os - apart from the question if I would consider these apps safe for use, regarding their issuer and probably lack of open source.


The office apps would be interesting

How come you can sign apps with AuroraOS certs? I suppose the idea would have been to have private Aurora signing on a developer certificate whose private parts would sign the app or something along these lines.

This is like industry “standard”. Happening to boot images too:)

O.T: But it is not what I wish. Open software and meritocracy are easier than having keys and bosses with lockers for them keys.

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It is documented. In here
And in here for signing on phone
Sorry it is in Russian. For sure it is no root Aurora certs. It is work with devmode and disabled validation.


Look at some code at omprussia · GitLab

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I would advise to not be overly excited and keep fingers crossed for OpenRepos rpm compatibility. The OS version that we received with the new F+ Aurora phone is 4.2. It is going to be replaced with a new 5.0 version, which was tooted as a major step forward and away from SFOS for Aurora as an independent platform. Let’s hope that we can still use the re-signed rpms and qml apps from OpenRepos after that update!

Perhaps OpenRepos could add Aurora as another platform and allow users to upload apps recompiled under Aurora SDK there.

No chance. I tried to run R7 office only available for Aurora under Sailfish OS RUS (Inoi T8 tablet). It installed just fine but gave me a white screen and complained about lack of “aurora-browsing-engine”. My request for help or clarification to the devs was never answered.

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It is now possible to buy devices on Avito (the Russian ebay counterpart), for example this.. The link will break as soon as someone buys that phone, but other offers may appear. The original offer at a physical store in Moscow is here.

The problem for foreign buyers is that EU has blocked all regular payment channels and you will not be able to transfer your money to the sellers. However, the daring ones can travel to Moscow with cash in hand. Flights are available from non-EU countries.

Another option might be a visa-free entry to Belarus (Minsk) up to 30 days. It does not give you the right to cross the Russian border, but you can negotiate payment through local banks and delivery to Minsk via СДЭК or Boxberry. Both courier services support delivery across Russia, CIS and from (not to) Germany. Delivery from Moscow to a local office in Minsk usually takes 3 days, but may get longer due to NewYear holidays.

Finally, you can ask someone like me to be a middleman, but you still have to find ways to transfer money and ship the device to you across the NATO iron curtain.

Yes. The “Open Mobile Platform” is not open at all. So was Jolla.

In addition to not making the OS fully open Jolla refused to sell licenses for SFOS on Sony to non-EU citizens. I had to travel almost 1400 km to get a Jolla C… I still run SFOS 4.3 on it, because I cannot trust Jolla developers anymore. They were so proud to “Support Ukraine” and cut all ties with Rostelekom, that it would not be a surprise if 4.4+ versions of SFOS contained deliberate bugs activated by locale, as some brainwashed devs in several other projects did. No one at Jolla made a statement that they respect SFOS users regardless of their country or nationality.


R7 is crap. Try my office instead.

And yet nor Jolla nor OMP isn’t open at all.

I genuinely doubt Jolla have the resources (or desire) to deliberately cripple their software. This must be the first year since the Xperia X was first supported that Jolla haven’t supported the latest device in that line. New SFOS licenses are probably one of their best income streams once the relationship with Rostelekom was broken, so if they can’t support the new device their resources really are stretched.

Well if ya read russian Aurora community resources (i’m pretty sure ya do) so in there brainwashing from the other side existed. And it’s sad for both sides. So toxic environment forced me to leave it or shut up and just read it silently.

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