Rundouble app GPS doesn't work for me. Are there any jogging exercise apps that do work?

Model: Sony Xperia 10 II

It just keeps searching for satellites and keeps finding 0.
The app won’t start without it.

I think your problem is not the app, but the difficult gpx fix of your device. This is unfortunately a well-known problem and is already asked in other questions, pls use search

And if you expect relevant answers, pls add more info, e.g. device model and os version.

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Do I need to install gpscon and run it for rundouble to work?

Worth a try: Install GPSInfo from Jolla Store, open it and let it run. This keeps GPS alive.
Then check again if the Rundouble app gets GPS data and works.

I think the GPS in the 10ii works OK. The only device with real GPS issues is the XA2.

Try Kuri if you have to have a Sailfish app otherwise with Android support enabled SportsTracker works too. Without MicroG installed a couple of functions in SportsTracker don’t work but it records your activities just fine.

I second using GPS Info.

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