Rsync on Sailfish

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I am trying to backup my mobile using USB network and ssh, but I can’t find rsync anywhere. It’s not pre-installed, nor can I find it in Chum or Jolla Store… Any hints? I think open-repos is not recommended anymore… are there any other package sources I can use?

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Have you tried just pkcon-installing it from terminal?
(Yes, it really is that simple)

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thanks a lot, you made my day! I didn’t know about pkcon. Where do I find more information about it? Are the packages part of the Jolla distribution?

So just for reference, a devel-su (password from Developer Settings screen) followed by pkcon install rsync did the trick.

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Well, it is just one of the frontends for rpm package management, so the application is very much googlable. Others prefer zypper.
Yes, a fair few basic utilities are part of the official repos. And honestly the best way to find out which is to make an educated guess and the use pkcon search, or at least that’s what i do.

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Is it not slow if you execute rsync on the phone?
If it is, we can also sshfs mount the phone somewhere on the PC and simply rsync on the PC.