rSAP car support for improved sound quality

While most of the functionality of Sailfish is good, the car handsfree support is atrocious. The car handsfree support has been nothing but bad from the beginning of Sailfish. Previously there were problems with Bluetooth disconnecting all the time because of power save disconnects BT. This has now been fixed somewhat but still it sometimes disconnects.

However, one problem is that sounds quality is unusable. The muffled sound forces me to hang up all the time. Then when I use an old phone (a Nokia, today 10 years old) that supports all kinds of things including rSAP, the audio quality is excellent. I cannot say what type of BT connection it is using though. I have tested this with several cars and it was similar bad audio quality on all them compared to other phones with better support. Network signalling quality has nothing to do with it.

Since the audio quality has been notoriously bad, why not let the car handle it. rSAP would solve this issue as it is the car that is handling the audio now.

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Hi! Seems like you are experiencing more an issue than a lack of feature.
I have a vast experience with SFOS and Bluetooth on different vehicles (and radio makers): PBAP works fine, A2DP works fine without hangs and call during music listening session is handled correctly.
Once the main problem was the bluetooth connection disturbed by smartwatch connection, and smartwatch link was needed to be off to not interfere: that problem (only disturbing smartwatch users) is now solved.
Can you be more specific in describing the issue?

Now it works kind of ok with just sometimes intermittent disconnects. In order to connect again I have to press the power button in order to wake up the phone and then it connects again. This happened 100% a few years ago but now it stays connected most of the time.

The biggest problem for me is the audio quality. One thing you have to keep in mind when car manufacturers optimize their handsfree system, they optimize it for the built in modem if the car has such feature. The result of that is that the built in handsfree audio is good and works as designed.

When you use audio streaming from the phone (often the headset profile), often the audio level is off and too weak, microphone gain doesn’t fit and so on. I also experience that the audio is muffled and I can’t really hear what people are saying. It’s a combination of the audio settings in the car and how the audio is processed in the phone.

This is why I bring up rSAP because then it just works because the car manufacturer designed the system around it.

Funny, I have saved some really old phones like when Nokia was Nokia, they just fill up all the available BT profiles in all cars. Phone book, file access, e-mail, audio streaming just works.