Roborock app doesn't work

Hi All !

Even though I’ve been a SailfishOS user for several years (since XA2 became compatible), I’m still a novice in the programming approach…

Before the 4.5 update, the Roborock application only worked with version 3. The latest version 4 (which dates anyway) never worked.

Recently, I have not been able to access this app again (maybe I updated it by mistake) and even a reinstallation with the old versions does nothing (continuous splash screen)

Has anyone managed to get this app to work? If not, and if there is a charitable soul nearby, can you help me provide the community with the elements to understand why the app does not start?

Thanking you, look forward to reading from you! :slight_smile:

Edit: excuse my googled language

Might have to do with the version upgrades of android support. I think sfos 4.5 brought an upgrade to android 11

One version finally managed to work, the 2.3.
Maybe the same as before the upgrade to Android 11, or maybe an even earlier version…
I’m not sure if Android 11 support brought anything for this app. Other apps are probably in this case.

=> Is there a tool that would allow me to have access to the start logs of the app to understand what is wrong?