Ringtone with wired headset

When wired headset connected, sms sound is normally heard. But incoming call sound is heard only in headset. Plase fix this tiny inconvenience :relaxed: Marry Christmas for all users and Jolla team.

If you think this is a bug, please report one in the Bug Reports category, using the post template there, or the Bugger! app (available from Chum or Openrepos).

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I have seen this asked before with different sounds (notification, alarm, ringtone) and headsets (wired or bluetooth).

Personally, I would expect to hear all the sounds via headphones, if one is attached / connected. This way you can hear all the sounds without disturbing others in public places.

Therefore, I would suggest leaving a feature request of adding a settings option to play desired sounds through preferred output.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, that current situation lacks consistency and filing a bug report would be a good option as well.

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I don’t know it’s a bug or feature :laughing: From my point of view: phone lays on desk/in car with connected headset and I’m wearing it only when talking. So i need to hear from speaker when someone calling. Like I say, sms is normally heard. I agree, should be an option to choose.