Revisiting ProtonVPN -- can it be made to work?

Having suffered the notorious “No service” bug in iOS 14.7.1, for which there is currently no fix, I returned to my Xperia X which after two updates is chugging along on SFOS Of course, I made a backup before upgrading and of course the backup contains nothing useful. (For instance, the downloaded android packages whose current replacements won’t run on aliendalvik.) When I began the process my ProtonVPN was working, but now it isn’t, nor is there any way I can find to make it work.

I began by trying the protonvpn-cli-ng package on Storeman, and can devel-su with no problem, and when I run devel-su protonvpn-cli I get a password prompt, but the device passord, the devel passord, and the long and unwieldy ProtonVPN OpenVPN password all fail to authorize. In that protonvpn-cli-ng is pitifully undocumented, I uninstalled that application and fell back on the OpenVPN via configuration file, which lacks the ability to add flags specifying the fastest server and use of the excellent upstream ad blocking.

But there’s trouble here, too. Adding a new vpn in Settings > VPN seemed to go uneventfully, though I was puzzled by the lack of a place to enter username and password. I set it to prompt me, but it never did. Nor did it connect; instead, in Settings > VPN I’m given the alternate messages under the VPN entry of “Idle,” “Connecting,” and the ever-useful “Problem with connection” every second or two.

On the old forum I found a report by a user who said he had made a text file with the OpenVPN username and password (though he didn’t specify the format – All on one line? Separate lines?) and plugged that file into the Authentication credentials > Read from file line in VPN configuration. I did this, did a cold restart – no joy.

No problem with regular internet service on the device, and ProtonVPN is working well on the other devices connected to it on this network.

So – does anyone have ProtonVPN working on current SFOS? If so, how did you make it happen?

I’ve used it for a year now, through the settings with their OpenVPN credentials. My complaint is that it sometimes drops and forgets them even though I always tell it to remember. I’ve complained about it both here and in their support many times. This has forced me to keep the credentials in my password manager and get them from there every time this happens - about 2 times a month. Other than this annoyance, it works just fine.

Hmmm. Thanks. Out of curiosity, did you try the native application?

No – I only use the Android layer when there’s no other way.

I was wondering about the SFOS-native ProtonVPN application, protonvpn-cli-ng, in Storeman. (My Android subsystem in 4.0.whatever is horribly bidened – apps seem to install, but they never show up.) Do you have any experience with protonvpn-cli or protonvpn-cli-ng?

I’m sorry to hear of your experience in the VPN dropping off every so often. Back in the SFOS 2.x and early 3,x it was perfectly stable.

I didn’t know about this application. I’d try it, but I wouldn’t use it regularly – I’d like to use the built-in capabilities of the system first. By the way, I reraised the issue about dropping in the respective thread, I hope they really do something about it this time.