Reverting to Android XA2

Hi guys, i want to revert android and i can’t acces to theses instructions :

Is there another place to find the detailed information? thank you in advance

I believe that everything is fine with EMMA, but since it is a potentially risky manipulation I would like to be sure, and not to brick my phone :slight_smile:

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I have reverted my Xperia X at least 10 times (when trying to install Ubuntu Touch) to android with Emma without any problem.

Thank you for your answer.

There is no needed manipulation before?
Simply turn off your phone in Sailfish and follow the instructions on EMMA?

Right. Remember to hold the correct button and check the LED color per instructions for your particular device. If your bootloader is still unlocked, you may get the problem I did on the XA2 Ultra that Emma would not find any firmware for it. In that case, search on XDA Developers site for xperifirm and newflasher along with info on using those tools. They’re pretty helpful if you run into a problem that’s not already been covered in the threads (but be sure to search first so you don’t get a “search is your friend” response . . .).

Flashed “succesfully” with EMMA …
Everything seems to be working fine except for the wlan … impossible to make it work.
Before flashing sailfish X i checked that wlan was working, and it was. I’m so confused, i don’t know anything with android flashing tools, doesn’t want to brick my phone … What is the safest way to flash it with an unofficial tool/firmware please ? It’s a XA2 single sim.
Can this issue be related to the vendor image, i don’t really know what it is, but i remember you can choose between v16 & v17 when flashing SFOS

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That Zendesk page you referred to is now accessible again.

It’s been updated to include Xperia 10 II . Perhaps it was locked for editing.

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This is the right way

These Android 9 versions appear to sometimes get an invalid WiFi MAC which prevents the phone from using WiFi networks (in the Android mode). In such a case, first flash and Android 8 version, boot up, then flash Android 9. Note that even if there was no WiFi on Android 9, after installing Sailfish, WiFi works again.