Request - View sent time-stamp on SMS and MMS


I am offline sometimes. Would be nice if one could dig up the date and time when a message was sent - in addition to when you received it. People very often use words like “now”, “today”, “soon” etc, and then they reference when message was sent, not when received.

I’ve seen this functionality on other phones, so should be possible…

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Thanx for a great phone OS


My network will sometimes deliver messages hours/days late. It is indeed confusing.
If it were possible to know the sent time, then SF could flag stale messages

sqlite3 .local/share/commhistory/commhistory.db
select id,type,startTime,endTime,freeText,direction,isRead,status from Events;

I think the status column would be interesting here.
2 = sent
3 = delivered (delivery reports setting must be active)