Request - Please expand functionality of "ambience"

I suggest an extension of functionality of the “Ambiente” In the moment this is only the background image, ringtone volume and sounds.

It would be very handy if ambiente would store and switch also:
SIM 1 + 2 on/off,
SIM 1 + 2 roaming and data roaming settings,
use SIM 1 or 2 for calls, or ask,
WLAN on/off,
Mobile access point on/off,
what SIM card to use for internet connection,
Flight mode on/off,
GPS/location service on/off, + individual settings,
Mute on/off,
Bluetooth & NFC on/off,

In short words, please enable “Ambiente” to choose between several complete “setups”. This would be very helpful in a lot of situations, e.g. at home, at work, while car driving, while travelling in different countries, in the airplane, …

last but not least - Thanks Jolla for the wonderful SFOS!


Would be nice to incorporate some of these things into ambience… Meanwhile, you migh appreciate Situations app…


+1 for suggesting the Situations app. Some of the required actions are available out of the box or via extensions, others may be created by shell scripts (using sudo for privileged actions). So the app is able to control virtually everything.

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Yes, Situations is the way to go!

Nevertheless this request is soooo valid!
This ambience thing is good but highly unfinished and not brought to the end (will never be).

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The biggest problem with AMBIENCE, is it is proprietary, we cannot access the back end of it and in the 6 years since inception, has ANYONE come up with a groundbreaking addition to ambience?

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I think @Seven.of.nine stems from Germany, and in the localizd version it is indeed called “Ambiente”.


Yes thats right, I am native german speaking and my SFOS is running in german language version.

The functions of the situations app seens really to match the intentions I have and wrote in my initial request, but I do not want to have an app permantly running that intervents deep in the system but is not original from SF/Jolla. So I will be patient and wait till it is implemented in the original ambience app by Jolla.

I understand that it is much work to bring a Smartphone OS to a stable state and I agree that this is not the most important thing. But please keep it on the task list for future!

Please do not hold your breath!


I tried situations some days ago but wasn’t satisfied. I thought it could change settings depending on some triggers like specific geolocation, use or idle…
And to my mind the app design is not sailfish style.

So +1 for the initial post of this thread - getting things done with choosing an Ambiente :de: right from top menu would be more useful.

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It’s a joke but idea of Ambiences was good, but for some reason Jolla stoped development of Ambiences.
Former Jolla’s Chief UI designer said

Look at this video from 1:40
Jolla had concept of new features in Ambiences, It was in 2015.

Eyecandy and the functionalities (current and potential) of ambiances don’t bring money. Probably that is the reason it stopped. IMO there are more painfull areas in the OS that need dev time than expanding the ambiances.

IMHO too, Ambience is one of the more unimportant things that need an update. It still is 100 times more beautiful and functional than anything on iOS or Android.
GUI_wise WM10 was far the best

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