Request - internal call and SMS blocklist

Tomorrow I will be able to test on an XA2 whit SFOS 4.3, one sim

Here’s a video showing this bizarre phenomenon (sorry for that heavy blur, but there were too many personal details to hide on both screens to do it in some other way):

Not only the call stays active after the first attempt to reject it even though SFOS behaves as if the call was terminated (see iPhone’s display on the right, the call is still waiting to be picked up as if nothing happened), but when the call magically comes back on SFOS, two different ringtones play simultaneously. I have no idea where that second ringtone comes from, maybe Android. What a cr*p. Now all those obtrusive telemarketers and frauds will annoy me twice more as I will be struggling with my Sailfish phone to hangup their calls.

I have experienced and reported back in TJC general slowness of the dialer UI. Specifically, if I press the hang button once it is almost certain that the call will not be hung up, and no feedback will be provided, be it visual, aural or haptical. When hanging up, I usually press the button several times in a row to be sure to succeed. Unfortunately, sometimes this causes me to press on the just appeared “Call again” button - which will let a call start before the hang up button can respond to my subsequent frenetic presses.

But this case is different. It is not lack of response from the UI, on the contrary, as you can see on the video, the UI does instantly respond to pressing the “red handset” button. There is no slowness or lag, it’s very responsive. After I press the Hangup button, the call window instantly closes and a system notification is displayed that the call has ended (with connection time 0:00:00), i.e. everything looks as it should. The Phone UI acts as if it normally rejected the call. But it doesn’t. It rejects the call only the second time, but even in that case some incorrect signal is sent to the mobile network because instead of being forwarded to voicemail (or busy tone being sent if there is no voicemail forwarding enabled) like it is with this SIM card in any other phone (or even in this same phone reflashed with Android), the caller hears “beep beep beep” connection error tone. Something is simply scr*wed up with modem handling by SFOS.

BTW. I’ve just entered Android settings, checked ringtone settings there and identified that this second ringtone being played simultaneously with my SFOS ringtone is the default Android ringtone. So maybe it is the Android support stuff doing all this mess.

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I just tested around 10 times, in my XA2, one sim, SFOS 4.3, with and without android support, and every time it worked right (finishing calling in the first reject)

I’ve tried to find a workaround in order to be able to finish my call rejecting app. The idea was that if the hangup method doesn’t work, then I’ll use the deflect method to forward unwanted calls to voicemail.

So I did this:

QDBusMessage m = QDBusMessage::createMethodCall("org.nemomobile.voicecall",
m << "+48602951000";  // voicemail phone number here
QDBusMessage response = QDBusConnection::sessionBus().call(m);

Result? “Problem with network” (“Problem z siecią” in Polish) notification is shown and the incoming call keeps ringing and doesn’t get deflected / forwarded.

Apparently, Sailfish OS’ telephony isn’t compatibile with Polish T-Mobile network.

Same bug on Jolla 1 phone:

Upgrading to 4.4 has broken Phonehook and I can’t seem to get it to reinstall (versioning repo issues so it might get fixed at some point), it’s made me realise how brittle it is, to rely on an application for call blocking. While I appreciate what @wetab73’s trying to do here, we really, really need this building into the OS.


My application is ready and I use it. It has configurable whitelist and blacklist mode and it does its job. It’s Sailjail friendly, including normal access to the contacts database, etc.

However, I am not releasing it yet because besides the ofono patch so that hanging up works correctly in certain networks, there is another problem to solve:

ofono is VERY SLOW to react to the call hangup command, and in many cases it takes it long enough to hangup the call for the first ring to be heard for about 1 second. I’ve noticed that it happens very rarely (almost never) on 3G, but if 4G network is in use (which gets switched to 3G when there’s an incoming voice call) then apparently such a switch from 4G to 3G delays hanging up the call enough for the ringtone to be heard for a second or so ALMOST ALWAYS.

I’ve tried to first silence the ringtone using

QDBusMessage m = QDBusMessage::createMethodCall("org.nemomobile.voicecall",

but I can’t make it work at all.

I’m currently using


to reject calls, but maybe using


turns out to be quicker…? I’ll need to further experiment with it in order to make it quick enough to always hangup the call BEFORE it manages to start ringing. Which, I’m afraid, won’t be easy. Only then I will release my app for public use.


Moving the “call again” button to a different screen position so that this would not happen is a feature request I have made before.

(btw, this is generic UI issue now in the modern world of uselessly slow UIs on multi GHz cpus)


I used to sometimes get that with Phonehook, if it’s any consolation.

Good luck with it, and it is appreciated. Sailfish is old enough now though, that it shouldn’t need doing, I think.
These days nuisance calls are common enough these days, that it should be built into every phone OS, by default.

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It takes the OS (or more precisely ofono) too long to process the hangup command, sometimes only after the phone already started ringing… This affects all such applications - mine, Phonehook, any other… I’ve just checked Phonehook source code and it uses the same D-bus call as my app to org.nemomobile.voicecall.VoiceCall.hangup

Maybe that’s why there is no such functionality built into the OS as currently it can’t be made working 100% OK, i.e. without the ringtone sometimes being heard for a second or two (and sometimes the phone UI appearing for a fraction of a second as well).

I guess it’d need some optimizations to ofono to make it work faster in this regard.


Sorry, which sources?

I had assumed that since adel die an aarch64 release that it ‘just worked’.

And, sorry, are you on 4.4?

Is there a possibility to postpone the ring until all checks are made? Or even measure the average delay and modify start of the rings for all calls with delay?
For me such w/a would be enough

Well, that’s what the aforementioned


should be doing. But it doesn’t seem to work at all.

The only other idea that comes to my mind would be doing things the reverse way, i.e. disable the ringtone completely for all calls and only enable it for whitelisted / not blacklisted calls when they come. But that would be risky, because if the command to enable the ringtone somehow didn’t work sometimes (and as we can see, many things do not work as expected here), important calls could be missed.

Please note that I did NOT say that Phonehook doesn’t work or anything like that. I was talking about ofono, and how its slugishness in processing the hangup call affects applications utilizing it, including the app I wrote for myself, and also Phonehook. As @skanky confirmed, in some cases hanging up the call by Phonehook takes place so late that the phone manages to start ringing before that (which also happens with my own app, and any other relying on ofono). This is ofono’s fault, not application’s.

And when talking about Phonehook sources, I only meant that it uses the same D-Bus calls to




as my own application. See lines 166-176 of blocking.cpp

That’s all I said about Phonehook.

Actually, I don’t know if/how it works at the moment, because I haven’t used it since I made my own app for that.

Last time I checked, it had problems related to SailJail, including no access to contacts or communications history.

No, I’m still on I’m holding on with the update until @dcaliste can compile for me the patched ofono version built for 4.4, without which hanging up calls doesn’t work at all with my mobile operator (rejected call comes back after a few seconds and starts ringing again, as discussed in this thread).

Thanks! I didn’t mean to ‘cast aspersions’, I just wasn’t sure where to look at existing source. Adel will probably (hope, hope) update the Sailjail perms. If not, I’ll do it at some point.

Ah, got it. Thanks. I’d been ignoring that but ofono is evil fun.

Actually, at some point I fixed Phonehook myself for Sailjail, including full correct access to contacts and comms history (it took changing paths hardcoded in the source code). It was some time ago, so I’m not sure if I still have it and if it still works, especially on 4.4. But I’ll check it, and if I didn’t delete it and it’s still working OK then I might give it to someone who could take care of it.

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Ah, that’d be cool! Thanks for your efforts!