Request for the "ipset" command/package

Hi team & Jolla users,

I would like to block all IP addresses linked to Facebook, Google & Twitter.
This is a very long list (about 100.000 entries). Best implementation to my knowledge is “ipset” ( which seems to be not in the official repositories.
To make it more complicated ipset depends on an extra kernel module.

I am lost since I am new to building software in Sailfish.

If you have the time and agree, I am willing to donate 250 Euro to you and 250 Euro to the sailfish foundation (this is of course not a joke) if you will generate an rpm.


P. S. If you know of an already existing alternative, please tell me.

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This is an update.

I found out that iptables will fulfill the purpose. So “ipset” is not that necessary.

Thanks for reading,


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Good to hear. :slight_smile:
I tried it on device and got it compiled got stuck here:

Did not yet bother to go all the HADK way…

Well, if you push it my offer is still valid :slightly_smiling_face:

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Let’s see, definitely not hunting for the money :wink:
It was just out of fun and I cannot understand why Jolla stopped distributing on
That would be quite easy then I think.

This must be a joke, because

  • there is no “Sailfish Foundation”!
  • € 250 for (at least) a few days time is a joke, when an IT-freelancer can expect this for a few hours (at most).


this is what I can offer. There are many software products which are (financially) not supported at all, still development takes place. 50 Euro for the whole Sailfish OS is not much either - I think, still the developers offer their software for this price.

If this is nothing for you - this is fine.


P. S. As to the foundation - funding SFOS is indeed possible.