Request: Differentiate of copy & paste

When using the little app notes e. g. there’s one and the same symbol for copy & paste. Can you please make two symbols, so one for one action each or better write copy and paste so it is clear? It sometimes happenes, that i mark a text, press the button because I want to copy the text, but instead an older text gets paste and my original text is gone. Also an undo function for the notes would also be good in such cases.


You misunderstand, mark is copy. The button is only paste.


Happens to me too. It is not really clear, what is ment by the one Button. It causes confusion sometimes and you have to go the Trial an error way :-)… not realy good.

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The automatic copying of selected text is a fail in my eyes.

Oh and as attah and raymaen said:
the text you select is automatically copied, wach time you select something
the button is really only paste

This is the reason why you cannot mark/select some text, copy it, select some other text (oops!) to replace with first text…

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Personally it makes sense in my opinion. I only select text on mobile to copy or cut, what else should I do with selected text? It cuts the flow of copying -> pasting from select text -> copy -> move cursor -> paste to select text ->move cursor -> paste. Cutting can be done with select text -> backspace -> move cursor -> paste instead of select text -> cut -> move cursor -> paste. It is less intuitive than the more-used flow with an explicit cut, but it allows a shorter copy-paste flow, which is the operation I use more often.

And as a second note: after selecting text, the selected text will show up next to the clipboard icon, signalling that it has been copied.

Maybe it’s an idea to create a section in the Sailfish OS tutorial that shows up on a newly installed device that shows how to use the clipboard, since it’s different from what you’d expect coming from Windows or Android. Although it feels comparable to the X11 way of selecting to copy and hitting the middle mouse button to paste.


Wrong crowd for this thinking… I’ve tried - - it’s a Unix-purism thing…

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Copy/Paste works as it should.
If thre is something to improve it would be a multi-level paste buffer, so older selections would not get written over but stay there for later insertion.

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So agreed, this is a matter of taste.
But as juiceme said (I was used to it some 20y ago!) a paste-buffer would be the nicest solution.

Maybe it is coming soon ™?
Who knows? :wink: At least we got a ‘clear clipboard’ functionality after 6 years… (which is an essential functionality with a paste buffer!)


Oh and maybe I missed two words in my above post:

What about another option?
(maybe earlier mentioned, did not check)

Selecting text does not automatically copy.
But clicking/tapping the selection does.

That would allow the fast *nix workflow (by adding one click/tap on a region where your mouse/finger is already)
would allow to overwrite selected text with button paste of fomer selection-copy.