Request - Covers for Android Apps - No screenshot by default

One of the beautiful design features of Sailfish OS are its interactive Covers. There have been proposals in the past to allow Android covers to be interactive but while Covers for Android Apps aren’t interactive, by default they often show a screenshot of the running App. While this can be helpful it is also potentially a privacy and security risk. The screenshot can include private information that you may prefer is not visible.

My suggestion / request is that, by default, Android Covers only show the App Name with a solid colour cover so no screen information is visible.

Settings | Apps could then have an option to either allow Cover Screenshots or not (The Default being Not)

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There is a patch that’s called “Pretty covers for Android-Apps” unfortunately it doesn’t work with the latest SailfishOS (3.3 at time of writing). But it pretty much does, what you want to have.