Repos added with zypper disappear after opening the Jolla Store or Storeman client

Hello, I’m having a little problem with repos I manually add via the terminal.

Adding a repository like this works just fine: zypper ar -f<username>/personal-main.repo. But after I open the Jolla Store client it instantly disappears from my repo list. The same happens when Storeman refreshes its repositories.

The obvious solution here would be to not use the Jolla Store again. I’ve thought about removing the desktop entry of it, but I’m not sure if applications installed through the Jolla Store previously are updated as well with a zypper update (this of course includes core system applications like android app support). Does anyone know this, or have another solution for this problem?

Try managing repos with ssu ar et co, they should not be removed

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Yes, that’s correct. Storeman only still doesn’t know the repository is added this way (I could add it again via the client if I want). Also, why is a repo added with ssu not removed, while with zypper it is? The zypper method is how every openrepos page recommends it.

Storeman will only deal with repos called openrepos-foo, maybe that’s why.


Yes you’re right, thanks!