Replacing SIM card on Xperia 10 III while SFOS is running

Is it safe to remove and attach a SIM card while SFOS is running? Should I deactivate the SIM card in Settings before removing it?
Probably a simple question but it’s my first phone with the SIM card not hiding under the battery.

It likely won’t break anything - but it’s not like it will get picked up without a reboot anyway.

IIRC phone wants a reboot after removing/inserting a SIM card. (Jolla Phone did not need a reboot.) It should not break anything, but it’s generally a bad idea to hotswap a SIM card.

On the 10 III SIM hotswap works fine in Android (no reboot is needed) but not in SFOS.


Does it work if you restart ofono?

Yes YRC, after I inserted the new SIM card I got a message from SFOS to reboot the phone.