Replace or Repair Sony Xperia X and license question

I’ve smashed the screen on my Xperia X and the battery was getting a little weak anyway.

I have the obvious question to replace or repair it and if I replace (license question now answered… I need a new license for a new device) The phone is still operating so I can back up to a memory card, but I need the dalvik for Microsoft outlook accounts.

Ideally my budget is about £300 for a new phone. I’d be grateful to hear people’s thoughts. Especially to add to this is that I’m in the UK, so if I was to stretch the budget to a Fairphone, I presume I’d have to also deal with UK import taxes and I also presume that although it wouldn’t come with Sailfish as an option, that Sailfish is hopefully easy to install? I don’t need a sparkling camera or overly nippy phone. Prime considerations are battery durability and repairability. (which is why I’d still consider Fairphone if the price wasn’t too high.)

Much appreciate thoughts and advice.

Xperia 10 iii is getting official support soon but its a bit more than your budget. Assuming you can live with the size of it.

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They are a bit large.

The most up to date post I can find, suggests that Sailfish won’t be supported officially for Fairphone, and most of the Xperia devices currently listed seem to be four years old. So at the moment, repairing the X is appearing to be my only option, unless Jolla give more information and support more/newer/repairable devices. I will give a few more days and see if anyone from Jolla picks this up on Monday/Tuesday and has an answer.

Afaik, licenses are bound to the phone’s IMEI and only transferable within the same model range. So if a repair would change the IMEI or you get a refurbished Xperia X, then you could ask Jolla support to transfer the license.

If you get a different phone, you’ll need a new license.

I’m not sure whether or not a port for the current fairphone exists (or in what state it is), but even if it does, you wouldn’t get android app support and any other of the features of paid SfOS version. (waydroid and open source text prediction are options though)

Official support for the Fairphone is a no go. Fairphone has to ask/pay Jolla so don’t expect that.

BTW the 10 iii is smaller than the Fairphone 4 and 3.

@msknight I think, replacement of the display would be worth. If the mainboard of the phone stays the same, the licence stays valid because the IMEI number is stored there. A new display will not affect it. If you don’t want to send the phone to Sony service, some mobile phone stores offer display change.

Replacement battery (it needs one) and display total £60 and I have the tools and skill to do it. So I might take the suggestion and go that route. It is a shame about official Sailfish being on few devices.

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repairability on modern phones is a joke these days unfortunately, fairphone is the exception but it there is no official SFOS porting … unfortunately.

I guess the only option you have is to go with an xperia device. For around £300 budget I would consider 10 III which will receive official support very soon. Compared to other officially supported xperias in theory should be faster and is also 5G.

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“very soon” is a small problem for me. I think I will put the money down for repair parts and then if I at least get another year or two out of the phone with a new battery, finally moving to something like the 10 III for 5G and official Sailfish, then that would be a worthwhile option for me.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback. It has been invaluable in helping me make a decision.


ha ha! very soon, Jolla time… :wink:

Keep in mind that starting from the XA2 series Jolla gives rather actual Android support, while the X ist stuck at Android 4.4 compatibility iirc.

On Xperia 10 /, Android apps work amazing fine, much better than with older versions, and astonishing, since I installed MicroG, the battery drain decreased significantly!

i ve replaced display on xperia x twice.
a cheap 30 euro display was shit, a 90 euro orginal one was good.
i have a white xperia x with broken battery.
i could send that to you for the transport costs plus 5 bucks if you are interested.
i would need to know where you live to check the costs.


I have already ordered parts, and yes, a 30 euro display… but it’s subjective so I’ll see how I go. As long as I can see what I’m doing, I don’t need much. If it will last me another couple of years and then I can go for a 5G phone with a version of Sailfish that’s been tried and tested a little… then I’m happy. I guess I’ll see what quality of parts turn up.

That Xperia X won’t get VoLTE so if you need it you need to get a new Xperia 10 III or 10 II.
I got no idea how long you will be able to use a non VoLTE device in the UK.

We should be fine for a number of years still. 3G is on its way out in 2023-ish, but other services will go on for a few more years yet. Enough time for other things to shake out and for me to put a bit more money one side.

I got a 10 iii the other day during a sale. The length is a little disconcerting and one handed operation is more or less out of the question. Nice screen and construction. The thing seems slippery, need a rubber bumper for sure.

I recently made myself the same question.
I’m grateful owner of Xperia X device, but after 5 years it’s time to upgrade to another device.
The conclusion is:
Xperia XA2, with same size factor, Android 10 will last other 5 years with 4g / LTE.

Personally I think Xperia 10 ii is also a good option, because one hand usage is possible with SFOS.

Im working since 2002 at a repairdesk in a german company ( and can offer Repair-Services for Sailfish-Devices, specially Sony Devices.

We can offer a new 3rd-Party-Battery (X Compact and XA2 original isn´t avaible for us, End Of Life, Xperia X last stock original Batterys avail) with the same Capacity for 50€ for Sony Xperia X/X Compact/XA2, included is the return DHL-Shipment (In Germany). This offer is only valid, if SailfishOS is installed on the Device! I want to support SailfishOS and the Idea behind it.

On my seconds Sailfish Device, a end 2018 XA2 the Battery is still strong, so i don´t have experience how good the 3rd-Party-Battery Quality is. Our dealer is a german impoteur which normally ships good quality parts and we give of course 12 Months warranty, if the Battery has a build-fault. Normally a build-fault will show within a short time.

I checked some competitiors, the most want between 60-80€ for the replacement, so i think this is a fair Deal for SailfishOS-Users like me.

My Daily Driver, the Sony X Compact (End 2016) has lost 16% Capacity but still works for 24-30hours with SailfishOS. Maybe i will change the Battery in the next Weeks/Months. The Battery-Brand is the same like for the XA2.

If you can wait that time, i will report how good these new Replacement-Battery is in terms of Capacity/Quality.