Rephone made in Germany

The article seems fair, yet it doesn’t mention that the Rephone has 6 RAM and the GS5 only 4 .
With production or assembling nearby it is perhaps easier to customise a device? That’s how e/foundation, Volla and Rephone could make use of Gigaset.
Actually we should have a device with the quality of an iphone, with spare parts that can be changed by ourselves, ethically produced and guaranteed for at least five years


This tbh!
btw: The word “Nachhaltigkeit” translated to English means “let all poor people and poor countries die”.

Thanks for the link! Time to put the squeeze on the Gigaset folk. Now to go find a lever.

@poetaster for which device will sailfish os port released???

Well this is not the exact problem, if it were really “Nachhaltigkeit” and not only advertisement. It means we pay more and use longer, so we reduce pollution and save materials. With what we have saved the prices of these materials (hopefully) fall and those countries can have also a chance to get something. At the moment they do not get anything, except the rubbish that we leave behind.
Oh and I am far from being environmental activist.

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Yes, I agree. Sad thing is, typical envionmentalists don’t see it like this.

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you were going to test on the rephone, were you not? to now with the GS290(and GX290 version) and the GS5 is in progress. @piggz is the person to answer that.

There is thread for the GS5 port

:rofl: the German-Chinese scheme as predicted.
That’s why it was written “Assembled in Germany”. Poor Germans …

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Rephone like Gigaset GS5 Pro…