Rephone made in Germany

GS5 only 4gb Ram …bad display and bad cam…Rephone 6gb Ram and cam much better!!!

Ah thanks for the link -now the picture is much better
so a lot is being produced in and imported from China - this Gigaset company seems to be Trojan horse for the Chinese to the EU market. It would be interesting to know more about the numbers (turn over selling etc), because I see they are reducing the workers anyway, which seems to be classical draining

Anders als die Schnurlostelefone werden die Tablets nicht am Gigaset-Standort Bocholt gefertigt, sondern durch Auftragshersteller an anderen Standorten. Gigaset kündigte an, 2014 weitere Tablets vorzustellen.[7]

Im November 2015 wurde bekannt, dass sich Gigaset, das zu der Zeit etwa 1250 Mitarbeiter hatte, von 550 Mitarbeitern trennen will. Der neue chinesische Großaktionär der Gigaset AG, Pan Sutong möchte Gigaset als Smartphonehersteller etablieren und ließ sich im September 2015 bereits die Gigaset-Markenrechte für 29 Millionen Euro (die noch nicht bezahlt wurden) auf sich übertragen. Der Gewinn an den Smartphones fließt nicht direkt an die Gigaset AG, sondern an eine von Sutong kontrollierte singapurische Briefkastenfirma.[9]

when I read the wording “in Deutschland zusammengebaut” which is translated as “assembled in Germany” I can imagine, that they produce all the parts in China and put them together in Germany

The reason for being so skeptical is that I am not aware of any factory in the EU able to produce the boards and the electronic components necessary for building a modern mobile phone (unfortunately)

And again it is being advertised as made in Germany while it is actually assembled in Germany - and the CPU is MediaTek - Taiwanese company. I am almost 100% sure that non of the electronic parts is produced in the EU.
It is just a cheap German-Chinese scam for naive Europeans (sorry for this folks I am not convinced at all)
Look at their job positions Stellenanzeigen | Gigaset
As usual it is a local management and probably some low level workers - not sure if even this is possible in the 900 employees they announce.


…and Vollaphone 22 same as GS5 …GS5 250Euro…and Vollaphone 450Euro???
Pay 200 Euro for Volla OS? Abzocke!!!

No, it is not Abzocke! Software development is expensive. Volla is a startup which does not sell millions of device. Furthermore they support ubports and others developers to bring different OSes on their devices.

Without Volla and Piggz there wouldnt be SFOS, Ubports, Droidian etc… for the Gigaset devices.


Sailfish OS 40Euro!!! Volla OS 200Euro :-))) and Boot manager dont work:-)))
Ubports is a shit Image i have testet on Pocophone F1!!!

omg, then buy another “chinese” phone. As far as I know you can’t produce a 100 % made in Germany or Europe electronic product anymore. Welcome to the globalized world.

I know just one company which produces nearly all parts in Germany. That’s Vorwerk. The consequence is that a Vorwerk vacuum cleaner costs about 900 €. And even in the case of Vorwerk I imagine that they buy chipsets and semiconductors somewhere in Asia.


True, however the claim was made that this is made in Europe and Green …

In fact I know only of in EU which is now expanding production capacity as we head difficult times. But no one can make the chips that TSMC is producing - this is a huge problem globally.

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yep, there are many dirty tricks out there to pull you money out of your pocket

Production in Germany,
Pollution in China.
Pollution ends up global anyway.
One phone, lots of water, precious minerals… less for tomorrow.

So Iet’s keep our old phones as long as possible and thank Jolla and other initiative to still support old hardware!


That’s actually the reason why I buy many products - nearly all smartphones I haved owned - second hand.

Some weeks ago I purchased a Xperia 10 III (condition as good as new) for 120 € which will do the jobs the next +5 years.

There is lots of capicity in Europe. It’s the human centric assembly stuff that gets production pushed to China. The most advanced (getting close to atomic scale) is still in Taiwan, but 9 nm capabilities exist in Berlin (Edit: ASML).

No idea though if Gigaset’s German stuff is a scam. Have to look a bit closer :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I just checked and the upgrades of the rephone do make a real difference since the price is also lower than that of the Volla. hmmm.

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No one can make them yet. It’s just a matter of time. Took the Chinese 50 years to catch up to the Americans. I believe STM is building (in both France and Italy), Bosch is building in the east German corridor. Still, TSMC is impressive :slight_smile: List of semiconductor fabrication plants - Wikipedia

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It is only theories that need proof what I said about Gigaset - it smells a lot, but there is no evidence.

As of the human assembly part, you are right. It is really a pity what happened in the past 15-20y.

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It is not clear what types of semiconductors these factories produce. I couldn’t find one that is producing processors used in our daily life. I must admit I did not search too long.

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Global Foundries has production in Germany. Infineon has production in Germany. There are certainly more. Their chips are in LOTS of products we buy and use. The mobile phone represents a small part of the industrial use of semi-conductors. Most of the CMOS in my basement was made in the Netherlands or Texas :slight_smile: But that’s ‘old’ stock. I’m not sure what you mean by daily use? The chips in my washing machine (the insides are Zanussi) were produced in Italy. About fifteen years ago. Nice machine. To backup a stage, there are espresso machines made in China which use pumps, made in Italy. Kid you not.

I could go on an on. If you’d like, I can find you all manner of chips made in Europe that you’ll find in products all around you.


A chip is not a CPU and to go back to the topic a product can not be “made in Germany” if there are some components not made in Germany. It should read “partially made in Germany” or as it actually correctly said - assembled in Germany. Of course even partially made in is better than nothing.

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But a CPU is generally a chip these days. I’d say your nitpicking, but ok, not all the components are made in Germany. The Lithium is not mined in Germany, the glass may come from South Korea. That’s a radical demand.

This article says that only the backcover and the packaging is made in germany. Everything else is made in Asia.

Strictly speaking Gigaset does not make the GS devices but assembles them.
Yet it has some advantages if it is assembled in Europe: repairability can be made easier. What is needed is a company that can give guarantees for a certain period. Fairphone does that, Sony still is in the every-year-a-new-model-modus. With Fairphone you can buy spare parts, so it is on route to modular.
Rephone has a plastic back made from recycled plastic. This is an EU-project. Unfortunately only a small amount of plastics can be recycled, the rest is burned or becomes landfill. It seems that this recycling project must hide that governments are unable or unwilling to reduce production of plastics. So this backside of the Rephone is only a very tiny step forwards. Indeed, the best is that software companies make it possible that we use devices longer.