Remove or Revert the Following Packages

I’ve just downloaded and there’s a message to "Remove or Revert the Following Packages " There’s about 140 Packages listed.

I had a similar message with the update but there was only three or so packages involved.

Somehow I think there’s a mistake with the up date .
I can post screenshots of the list of Packages if needed.

Any idea of what’s going on?

I also had this messages. This update time and also earlier update times. So I asked here in SFOS forum and was told to ignore it.

I did so, and update worked perfect. So, ignore it and give the phone its time to do the update. This can take it’s time. Don’t worry if the download stops and seems to ‘hang’. This appeared on my phone several times and for minutes or 1 quarter of an hour.

Don’t worry about that, phone proceeds updating after a time and in the end it will succeed. Update can last up to 1 hour, depending not only on internet speed but also on server load and necessary local computations.

It is mentioned in the release notes… It might be your case. I had it too…

Thank you for the replies.

I can report the update went smoothly. It took less than 5 minutes from from the time I pulled the menu to activate the update. Download was already completed.

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