Remove notifications in QML

My tasklist app publishes Notifications for tasks with certain properties via qml.

When the app or phone crashes, these notifications are left in place.

Is there a way to remove all notifications published by my app?

You already cleanup your notifications in Component.onDestruction callback… I am worry, that you cannot do something more when your application crashes. In C++ code you can register own abort signal handler, fork new process from it and try to solve situation… But it seems to me like a overkill. I may suggest to focus to avoiding crashes :slight_smile:

Yes, when the app exits clean, removeAll cleans the notifications and my app doesn’t crash :wink:.

But sometimes all apps get killed by the system (when it runs out of memory?) or the device reboots itself, then the notifications are left in the notification area.

Not a big deal, but would be nice to solve.

Do you want to clese automatically when crashed? This is not possible. But you can save values to close it later.
Or you can fix crash of your application :slight_smile:


Saving the ids should work, thanks. :+1: