Remove libappstream glib

I am downloading sailfish 4. EA
during download i get the information that i should uninstall flatpak, flatpack-runner and libappstream-glib

does anybody know who did brought that in the first place ?
i do not remember it anymore

Thanks !

Had the same uninstall message but do not remember origin.

did you resolve it or ignored ?

I did uninstall everything informed. libappstream-glib probably was connected to flatpak, I think. Not sure about that though.

update successfull :smiley:

okboard blackens the screen again

Hi pawel, hi eson.
I’m seeing the same message: “Please uninstall following packages before you will start with the update: flatpak, flatpak-runner, libappstream-glib, xdg-dbus-proxy”. In the meantime I already removed flatpak-runner via 'devel-su pkcon remove flatpak-runner" successfully. But currently I do not know how I can remove/uninstall the flatpak and xdg-dbus-proxy package from my Sony Xperia X without remaining flatpak files and other related files (although the message still show the same content). Can any of you help me with this?


i did pkcon remove .
i did try flatpak, flatpak-runner and ibapp…
the message would not go away btw.

first i had not enough space and the uninstall message
i had to delete few things, that space error went away.
then i did uninstall flatpak-runner from app grid
then i did uninstall the rest from terminal
however, as mentioned above the message would not go away.
i did pkcon remove a second time. pkcon did complain that package does not exist and then i did update with fingers crossed

Probably not necessary, but after uninstalling all critical packages, I did reboot and restarted os upgrade, and the uninstall message was gone.

Hi pawel, hi eson.
I removed all mentioned packages via pkcon remove. After that I installed the new update. It went well. Thank you both for your help.

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