Remove app from the store

Is it possible to remove an app from the Jolla store?

I have few apps that are not working any more on the recent SFOS versions. They are just very old and not needed. I don’t have any plan to release new update but users can still install them and often get frustrated because app is broken.


From maybe? No idea, haven’t made any apps. But I’d guess your apps are listed here at the end of the page:

Or alternatively in the YourApps section:

Unfortunately it is not so obvious. I see app list. I can add new app, edit existing but there is no “delete” option. It appears that only Jolla can remove it.

I see - that’s quite a big shortcoming. As a developer you should have the possibility to withdraw your app for whatever reason you see fit.

Please file a request at

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@mkiol: SendToPhone is - was - cool, though. Thank you for your apps! (jupii is still great!)

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